Here at Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd we believe that our commitment and dedication to our customers is second to none. We take great pride in what we do and our operators are taught to the highest possible standard and are trained to treat every vehicle that they clean as if it is their own. We do not use franchisees or sub contract our work and all our employees are our very own, we have full accountability for all of our operations.

We fully appreciate that in the transport industry a vehicle off the road equals revenue lost and that is why we are dedicated to offering our on-site fleet cleaning at any time day or night, unsociable hours are not a problem for Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd!

With 20 years of experience we know just what it takes to keep your fleet clean and on the move. From the moment that you choose to use our mobile fleet wash service you can rest assured that you are in safe and capable hands, thus allowing you to concentrate on other operational matters.

Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd fully understand that brand image is very important, why spend money on promoting your companies brand on your vehicles only to have it concealed by road dirt and grime? That is why our on-site Truck Washing & Fleet Cleaning can prove to be of great value to your business. We can be on site at any time to suit you and have your fleet looking clean, vibrant and fresh and in doing so helping you promote a more professional and stronger company image.

Our prices are also very competitive and are quite surprising to some. Why pay to have a driver waiting in line at the drive through wash when Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd can come to you at a fraction of the cost? For companies that feel that washing on their own site is not possible due to drainage and wash off effluent issues then they will find our Waste Water Containment Reclamation and Recycling service is another cost-effective way to have vehicles cleaned on their own site!

No matter what your vehicle fleet consists of, be it trucks and trailers, tankers, courier vans, emergency vehicles, security vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, food carrying vehicles, public transport, trains – locomotive and carriages or even waste collection and refuse vehicles, Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd have the affordable and reliable service available to you. Click on our Services link for more details.

For companies looking for a more comprehensive steam cleaning service including M.o.T & Service Washing Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd can provide a professional and affordable mobile service for this also. Our mobile wash units are all fitted with on board hot water/steam generators and this service can be carried out ON ANY SITE, either with or without ramps.


Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd are THE original Mobile Truck Washing Services and should not be confused with others who offer a far inferior and sub-standard level of service and try using the word play of offering ‘mobile truck washing services’.

We do NOT and will NOT use detergents that are mere acid based lacquer strippers. We DO and will ALWAYS use the best possible cleaning detergents available to us in conjunction with our fantastic soap foaming systems that enable us to brush your vehicles with a frothy lather that protects your lacquer and prevents scratches. Other more sub-standard companies may claim to not having the need to brush your vehicles, this is due to an extremely high volume of acid and caustic contained within their detergents that will, within time, erode the lacquer and shine from your vehicle leaving it looking dull, tired and very shabby. With over 20 years of experience we know that others will try to use any kind of cheap chemical that is on the market and will not be too forthcoming in revealing its contents! Here at Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd we pass all our customers a copy of the product data sheets for any detergents or disinfectants that we will be using on site.