Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd are specialists in carrying out professional steam cleaning on vehicles in preparation for their annual M.o.T or even their regular monthly/six week service schedule.


Our mobile units are fitted with powerful on-board engine powered steam cleaners helping to give a fantastic level of service when it comes to dealing with the soiled and greasy under chassis of ANY vehicle. We can provide this service either with or without service ramps, our operators are fully trained to carry out this service from the floor if necessary. We pay full attention to brake areas, axles, engine blocks and gearbox’s, radiators, grease nipples, mud flaps and wheel arches. We will clean away any visible signs of oil leaks or spillages and where possible we also tilt cabs to carry out thorough steam cleaning on the top of the engine block.


Following the underneath cleaning we will then carry out a full extensive top body and cab wash to leave your vehicle spotlessly clean and ready for ANY inspection.


Mobile Truck Washing Services Ltd can provide the steam cleaning service no matter what your vehicle or size. This service can be carried out on refuse collection vehicles, tractor units, trailers, rigids, vans, trains, plant machinery, emergency vehicles and many more.


The wash area is also cleaned and left tidy when we leave.


Many of our customers find that this is a more cost effective and time efficient way of having their vehicles steam cleaned for inspection than having them sent to the main dealers. We can provide this service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For those who have drainage restrictions on site then they can also benefit from using our Waste Water Containment, Reclamation & Recycling service, meaning that we can still carry out the cleaning on your site but still keep you within the boundaries of the law & legislation.